1 NAME :


  1. The name of the organisation shall be LEGUP




  1. Greater Govan Area


3 AIMS :


  1. To care for and respect ,nature and each other

  2. To promote healthy living and well-being

  3. To actively engage with all sectors of the community i.e. children, special needs by using appropriate means of access, planter size etc.

  4. To promote sustainability and self-reliance in the community

  5. To promote sustainable practices and permaculture solutions to all aspects of the project

  6. To share ideas, knowledge and skills in all aspects of the project

  7. To promote friendship and social cohesion in the community

  8. To co-operate with and create partnerships with other like-minded people

  9. To use resources appropriately – recycle, reuse and regenerate.

  10. To encourage and develop craft and practical skills which will be of benefit to the project.

  11. Where difference of opinion exists, to promote honest and open discourse allowing full discourse where possible to avoid division and derision in the group?




  1. The group shall appoint a committee of management consisting of between six and nine members.

  2. These shall be; the Chairperson, the Treasurer, the Secretary, and the Vice Chairperson and a further maximum of 5.

  3. Members of the committee shall serve for a year and be eligible for re-election.




  1. Membership to the group shall be open to all persons supporting the aims of the group




  1. Ordinary meetings will take place once a month, on the first Thursday.

  2. An extraordinary meeting will take place when demanded by at least 2/3rd of the membership present on due notice being given to the secretary. The business done at the emergency meeting shall be limited to the reason for convening the meeting.

  3. The Annual General Meeting will take place in the 1st week of February, due notice being given by the secretary.

  4. The financial year shall run from 1st January.

  5. An audited financial statement shall be presented at the AGM.




  1. All members are entitled to vote at the AGM.




  1. Articles on loan or donated shall be recorded in the List of Assets. Donors of assets will have the right to reclaim donated items on departure from the group.

  2. Property bought by the group will be permanently owned by the group.




  1. The group shall be non-profit making. Any surplus accruing shall be carried forward and devoted to furthering the aims of the group.




  1. Any portion of grants not used shall be returned to the funding body.

  2. In the event of the group ceasing to operate, the disbursement of any equipment purchased through grants from Glasgow City Council shall be subject to the agreement of that body.




  1. No alteration to this constitution shall be made except at an AGM after due notice, or at a Special General Meeting convened for that purpose.

  2. Notice of a proposed change must be made in writing and submitted to the secretary two weeks before the proposed date of the extraordinary meeting.




  1. The group shall  be wound up by a resolution of 75% of voting members present at an emergency meeting.Any balance of cash held by the treasurer after all transactions have been completed shall be remitted to a charity or organisation approved by the Committee of Management.

Elderfarm Govan Information and Documentation is available on http://elderfarm.jimdo.com



The Elderfarm group currently does not have a constituted committee and therefore unable to apply for funds etc

There fore with no funds to pay for a website we are very glad to take advantage of the free site available from jimdo which is pretty good stuff

HOWEVER in the attempt to put all information up on site for the benefit of the public, we have not enough room so have had to divide the material up into different sites legup, elderfarm and elderfarm2

This is an experiment and hopefully will work

Meanwhile all information and discussion also available on Facebook Elderfarm Community Trust Group site and Elderfarm Community Garden Group site both of which are open to the public

minutes, photos and other documents can be found at these sites