In the Beginning - LEGUP 2o1o-2o13


Ian and friends worked hard and produced free veg for the community by the end of summer with Fiona's help the team grew great veggies and the community enjoyed free veg well into the Autumn months


The next year started with a few shockers, a great friend and team member passed on, the polytunnels got smashed up a couple of times by the wind and the team determined to build a stable sound greenhouse


We were given a large quantity of recycled wood and polycarbonate, and the team built a huge 17foot by 30 foot greenhouse


The group also won funds from Carbon Footprint and were able to contribute towards volunteers' travel/meal expenses for a season and also buy gear and tools to get some of them back into work


A decision was made to start work on the remaining farm building rooves especially the West and East Pavillions


However the team began to break up.  Due to cuts, some lost jobs, some moved, some started new jobs, sadly a couple of friends passed on, and the next year began badly with a fire to the West Pavillion Roof, which was finally given a temporary repair in Dec 2012.  However more people came in and helped to create more beds, and also work continued to further insulate and water proof the greenhouse, and create a great space for a woodwork workshop for the young team.  But just after hanging the doors, the whole greenhouse was burned down.  In fact the whole year was a series of highs and lows, during which the Fairfield Farmhouse Trust - a group set up to address the redevelopment of the building by the community - was disbanded


Finally a decision was made to start again and work for the redevelopment of the building.  A meeting was held at the end of January 2013 to formally dissolve LEGUP and the Fairfield Farmhouse Trust.  Then a new group was formed - Common Good Glasgow


There is a photographic diary on the Garden Gallery Page

Fairfield Farm Project


Over the years various groups have tried tirelessly to save the farmhouse in Elder Park. It is a building steeped in history, the oldest house in Govan and could become a vital part in bringing the community back into the Park.


Once again a number of people and organisations in the area have got together to drive it forward. To make sure we have the best chance in our bids for funds, we have to leave the funding bodies in no doubt of…….


  • Demand – that the people of Govan want to use it

  • Sustainability – that after it is built it can “stand on its own 2 feet”

  • Driven - by the people of Govan

  • Benefit – that there will be more benefits than just to look good

  • Consulted – that we continue to consult as many residents as possible for their views


We had an open day on 21st September 2010 in the Library from 1pm until 7pm. We had 70 people attend and give us their views on the ideas. You can give you views anytime as we are on facebook or you can call into the LUV Gallery or hand your ideas into any housing association offices in Govan. If you want to be involved we would welcome new members on to the Focus Group who are working towards becoming a charitable Trust.







Phase 1


Farmhouse – base for a community managed Hub or Wellbing Centre that will be a meeting place for people, promote healthy living and bring more activity into the park.


Gardeners Space - Linthouse, Elderpark, Govan Urban Planter (LEGUP) has transformed the disused courtyard in the last few months to a haven of fruit and vegetables and want their work to flourish throughout Govan.


Café and toilets – 2 important things that bring people to the park and make them stay for a while. One of the most asked for items in any consultation. The café space will double for healthy eating and cookery courses.


A small museum about the history of the Farmhouse, Park and Mrs Elder that will encourage and inform people of Govan about their heritage.


A flexible space for community use.



Phase 2


Further down the line we are considering the possibility of a new small building that could house a not for profit nursery based on healthy eating/outdoor life/ wellbeing for new mums. Local people will work in the nursery providing good quality training and employment.


A training working kitchen will also be incorporated that would work in tandem with the nursery, providing healthy food for children and run numerous cookery courses.


More recently initial discussions have taken place with a School of Herbal Medicine who are looking to become much more community based. This would present further opportunity for combining the work of LEGUP and expand on the current work being carried out with local schools.






It is much more complicated to renovate a listed building but we are investigating the possibility of self build by local people. There is also an opportunity to re-use of materials from any demolitions in the Southern General Hospital. To help bring down running costs and to embrace sustainability we will make sure we maximize green credential within the project.





The Focus group is in the process of becoming a Trust, Co-operative or similar body to manage the development process and run the Farmhouse when it is renovated. The principles are that the management will be mainly local people and the running of the project will be mainly local people volunteering some of their time.


The possibilities are endless but we need you to be positive and help drive it and show that residents surrounding the park want to see it happen.


The Beginning of it all - the garden is a huge success

Ian Sharp moved to Govan in November 2009. After enquiring about the plans to create a market garden in Elder Park, he was invited to a meeting at Linthouse Housing Association. He created a group called LEGUP (Linthouse, Elderpark, Govan Urban Planters)


This is his diary


Thursday 11/03/10


Received a call from John McBride at Linthouse Housing Association inviting me to a meeting to discuss the Market Garden.




Had a look online to see what I could find regarding the project, and realized that Linthouse Housing Association had put a great deal of effort into trying to save the farmhouse building and find a proper use for the site.


Friday 12/03/10


Meeting at Linthouse offices to discuss how to proceed. John McBride outlined the proposal, which was to create a Market Garden in the grounds of the old Fairfield Farm Building. He said that the initial plans had been shelved due to lack of funding, and that this meeting was to establish how to move on.


Council Representative Henry Adomako had arranged soil and some planters to help us get started. James from the Coach House Trust arranged to clear some dangerous sections of the site.


Chris Hill of Govan High School, and the staff from Little Branches Nursery said they would definitely use the facilities, and Tam from the Galgael said some of his guys wanted to get involved.


I volunteered to reduce my work commitments to give me some free time to work on the project. John accepted my offer to try and get things moving, and gave me a set of keys.


I traveled to Milton and visited Ann Dazovic at the Lambhill stables project, met some great people, got some good ideas.




Did some research online, I found many possible sources of funding, but can't access them unless we set up a community group with a constitution.


Sunday 14/03/10


On site looking at the planters. I felt they would be too high for the kids, particularly those from the Nursery. Thought about building some decking around them, but felt this would be expensive and as there's no power on site, it would be difficult. Decided to build platform around planters using old tyres filled with type 1.




I Found Martin on land share site, he lives in Govan and wants to grow veg. Contacted him by e-mail.


Also placed adverts online asking for free tools and equipment.


Monday 15/03/10


I went to see Jewson's Manager John Fleming to ask if they would give us type1 and perhaps some timber to build frame for greenhouse.


He was in a meeting, but will call me.


I Went to see Martin Plant Hire about borrowing some wheelbarrows to fill the planters, Pat Lawlor said no problem.


Then Went to the scrap yard to ask about getting old tyres they said leave it with us and we'll see if he can help.




I Received e-mail from Martin on Landshare site, he's very interested.


Also Placed adverts online giving a brief description of the plan, to raise awareness among other Glaswegians involved in similar projects.


Tuesday 16/03/10


I Shifted the planters into position.


Met Martin on site to show him the plans. Arranged to meet him on Sunday to fill the planters.


Took Mick down to see site with a view to installing greenhouse, he said he'd draw up some plans.


Received call from John at Jewson's, I explained what we were trying to do and he said they would help with materials.


Noticed that the housing association was replacing our bins with wheelie bins.


Wednesday 17/03/10


Received call offering the full 50 tires I requested. Will take delivery on Friday.


Nipped home on my lunch break, went to Howden's and spoke to Stevie and Robert, they offered to try to help by giving us old off cuts of timber. Thanks.


Then popped in to see Gordon Anderson at Govan Housing Association. told him we would take all the old bins. He said he'd check that was o.k. and get back to me.


Received call from John at Jewson's asking me to go over to see him. When I arrived he asked what we needed. I said that besides the type1 and timber, we could use some tools to get started. He said he'd see what he could do.


Saturday 20/03/10


Went to Martin Plant Hire to pick up wheelbarrows, someone had moved them. Pat couldn't find them. He tried the other branches but had no luck. He promised to help next time we needed anything.


Drove down to Ayrshire to collect my wheelbarrow and my brother in law lent me another.


Went to EK for vegetable growing training course with Mathew. He offered to come down to look at the site.


Sunday 21/03/10


Martin didn't show but Steven and Mick helped me fill the planters. Thanks guys.


Monday 22/003/10


Arranged to meet Ian from the garage at site after work to collect tires.


Tyres arrived, kids stole padlock as I was shifting them. Note to self, lock the gates while working.


Tuesday 23/03/10


Visited Sheila at Coach House Trust for to see their project and ask for any advice about how we should proceed. Sheila showed me round and suggested a few ideas. Great Place.


Old Housing Assoc bins arrived. Thanks Gordon.


Wednesday 24/03/10


Received call from John Fleming from Jewsons. He will give us all we asked for, thanks John.


Delivery arranged for Friday.


Nipped home from work at lunchtime, e-mailed all the schools in Govan to make them aware about the free compost bins Waste Aware were providing. I tried to order them, but was told the schools had to call up themselves.


Needed to find secure place to keep tools that Jewson's will give us. Couldn't get a hold of John. On way home from work called in to see Liz at Pierce Institute and Pat Cassidy Elder Park Workspace. They both offered storage space, thanks guys.


Met with Tam from Galgeal, he introduced me to Dougie who wants to be part of the garden project.


Friday 26/03/10


Received delivery of Jewson's materials. Thanks again John.


Saturday 27/03/10


I went down to the site and positioned the tiyes around planters and filled with type 1.


Sunday 28/03/10


On site again, created some extra planters using the tyres and filled with soil.


Monday 29/03/10


Met with Mathew, showed him site. He gave some great advice. Thanks.


John McBride arrived to show someone round, he told me about Bellahouston park having some spare planters.


Came home and called Thales and BAE about getting some old pallets to build extra planters.




Back down to site to shift type1, got soaked to the skin, hope the weather improves.


Wednesday 31/03/10


Tom Hanrattay from Thales called he has 15 pallets. we collect Friday morning.


Called Tam at Galgael to see if they could pick up the pallets. Tam said their truck would be up in Argyle, but said he'd ask Fiona to help out.


Thursday 01/04/10


Meeting at Linthouse Housing John not present, get well soon John.


Helen Kyle chaired the meeting.


We discussed setting up a community group, and Katie from GSWRA said she'd arrange the drawing up of a constitution.


I asked for residents to be notified about the project, suggested we arrange a meeting to invite any interested residents.


Everyone agreed, we arranged meeting for Thursday 15th at 6pm.


Work day scheduled for following Saturday to get site clear and safe for visitors.


Went to Bellahouston Park to enquire about planters, but was told they had used them all.


Friday 02/04/10


Met with Fiona went to Thales collected pallets. Dougie arrived to help. Fiona and Dougie said they would be happy to help as much as they could to get things going. Thanks guys.


Saturday 03/04/10


Spotted free greenhouse frame in the snips, called to arrange collection.


Monday 05/04/10


Thought about using plastic perspex to create murals to brighten up the site, placed ads online, Freeshare, Gumtree etc.


Dougie did security assessment of the site. He discovered many ways to easily climb in.


Tuesday 06/04/10


Received an e-mail from John Gordon regarding information about some possible funding from Action Earth, thanks John.




E-mailed Police to ask if they could arrange a meeting on site to advise us on security. Received a reply and called to discuss. They no longer offer this service except in circumstances where lots of money is at stake.


Received e-mail from someone on Freeshare website about the plastic sheets we need to fill greenhouse frame. Arranged to collect on Saturday.


Wednesday 07/04/10


Received e-mail from Peter Lavelle at Glasgow wood Recycling. He said they would be happy to help. Thanks Peter.




Joined Justfortheloveofit website, found 29 new contacts from Vegan Chefs to Environmental Activists, all within 1 mile of Elder Park. Sent each an e-mail about the project in case they would be interested.


Sunday 08/04/10


Discovered that we have some funding, but it must be spent on growing kits from NVA as these are mobile units which can be moved from site to site. The Fairfield Farm site is one of 4 projects across Glasgow that are part sponsored by NVA.


Spoke with Jon Clarke at NVA regarding Sage kits. Kits will take 4/6 weeks to make once they are ordered. He said he'd e-mail details of the kits along with the price list.


Gillian called to say they were working on flyers to advertise project and invite local people to a meeting at the LUV Gallery. Thanks Gillian.


Friday 09/04/10


Hooked up with Fiona, went to collect greenhouse frame. We also popped into see boss at Autoglass who agreed to give us crates to covert into planters.


Received e-mail containing details of NVA kits price list and a request to meet me and John on site. Thanks Jon. Responded with my availability for the meeting.


Saturday 10/04/10


Picked up Dougie, went to Bishopbriggs picked up plastic sheets, and dropped them off at site.


Monday 12/04/10


Visited Bellahouton park to see Gavin Jackson, he wasn't in. Spoke with Tam the foreman there, he told me DRS are responsible for the building.


Arranged with Tam to have his Elder Park Maintenance Team drop off grass cuttings etc once we have our composting area ready.


Called DRS for clarification on who is responsible for maintenance of the farm building. Contact wasn't there, so I left a message.


Called BAE to ask if they would help with the project. Spoke with Charles who asked me to e-mail a list of what we may need.


Contacted Henry to ask if he had a contact at Land Services who could help us with plastic bottles for the greenhouse. He e-mailed back with the details. Thanks Henry.


Tuesday 13/04/10


Herris fencing arrived.




Received copy of EKDEV Trust constitution to use as a template for our group. Thanks Mathew.


Wednesday 16/04/10


Received e-mail from Recycling Manager at Land and Environmental Services giving me a contact for the plastic bottles we need for the greenhouse.


Thursday 15/04/10




Met Helen and Gillian at the LUV Gallery to prepare for the meeting. A number of local people arrived wanting to know more about the plans. I gave an overview of the project, what had happened so far, and what we wanted to do next.


I proposed that the site was not really big enough for many people to grow all their vegetables in the way that they do in allotments. I suggested that we use the site as a centre for people to come and learn and exchange ideas about food growing, offering tips and training and using it as a base for branching out throughout the local area. I explained that as a member of EKDEV Trust I was involved in a schools project in East Kilbride and that we could mimic that in the Govan area, helping them to build their own growing facilities.


We discussed the planned work day and everyone who attended said they were interested in getting involved and left their contact details.


Friday 16/04/10


Katie called to say that she had managed to arrange a clear up team to help with the site.


Met with GSWRA community team, they did a great job of clearing the site of all remaining waste, thanks guys.


Saturday 17/04/10


Gordon and Robert get to grips with the greenhouse frame


The first work day went very well. There was a great turnout. Gordon McKay brought a number of helpers from The Friends of Elder Park. Fiona and Dougie brought volunteers from the Galgael and a number of other locals arrived to lend a hand.


It was great to see so many people on site, all enthusiastically getting stuck in.


At the end of the day we had an informal meeting to plan what we wanted to do next.


A few people wanted to work out who would lead the group and be on the committee, I felt we should wait as some people were not present, and they may disagree with our choices.


In the end it was decided that we would informally elect four committee members and leave room for others to join. Myself, Dougie, Fiona and Scott were nominated.


Everyone agreed to return on Saturday’s to continue what we had started.


Sunday 18/04/10


Met with Bill Pritchard from Govan Preservation Society. He gave me a copy of their constitution and some good advice about how to create a community group. Thanks Bill.


Monday 19/04/10


Met with Jon Clark Director of NVA. We had a look at the site and discussed what should be done.


We discussed the NVA list of products. I explained that I’d rather have water butts and storage as opposed to planters as I felt we could make planters easily from recycled materials.


Bill Pritchard called to say that he had arranged for us to use the boardroom at Elder Park Workspace for our committee meeting. Thanks Bill.


Friday 23/04/10


First meeting of the committee Dougie couldn’t attend as he was unwell.


I showed Scott and Fiona the constitutions that I had obtained from other similar groups but they felt that having a written constitution was wrong as it was bureaucratic and we should work out with the system.


I explained the situation regarding the NVA growing kits and suggested that we choose what we wanted from the list. Fiona felt that we should not use any of the kit offered by NVA as they would be getting exposure for their company. We talked about the possibility of other sites to give us more growing capacity, and Scott suggested we utilize the guerilla gardening technique of planting veg on roundabouts and other available spaces. I expressed my hope that we could perhaps become a Social Enterprise Company thus providing jobs for local people such as those who had completed their training with the Galgael and Katie’s GSWRA clear up team. Fiona and Scott felt that this would not be healthy as money would be involved, and that we should ensure that we remain a charity. I pointed out that the Galgael are a charity, but they do have a written constitution and the do create paid employment, but I was outvoted 2 to 1. We agreed to disagree and set to work on making a list of materials and jobs for Saturday.


Saturday 24/04/10


Work day. Another great turnout and the sun was shining. We started work on creating the fruit garden. Fiona brought some plants to get us started. Thanks Fiona



Update July 11

  • And here we are again- The days pass so fast
  • We have assembled teams to cover shifts to keep the garden open during the week, we have grown great banks of tatties, the beans are in full bloom, the peas have kept us nourished, as have the lettuce and magnificent red cabbage leaves and the kale which we have been handing out to guests


  • David McGrowan came in to photograph the garden as have other interested parties and Dave's photos have been uploaded with other current images to the Facebook site but we have also uploaded some new images here for those who without Facebook account - the current problem being to collate images on various members usb sticks and obscure hard drives and upload them
  • Daniel Sambo also came into photgraph the garden - in the dark - he takes photos of garden at night with images and lights.  They are pretty effective and take much longer than you would imagine to create- Daniel should be advertising his exhibition in August on the LEGUP Facebook groupsite


  • We had a great day on the 17th July
    Kelly Ann Leeann Lesley Jimbo Scott and family, Jimmy Caesar Decklan, Chantelle and Eddie amongst many came down to celebrate Keith's glory and we planted three apple trees in what is now the orchard
  • Evergreen Pete had kindly dumped a load of clay/topsoil next to the Y-Wam and Parks had kindly left us the contents to the duck pond without water - green sludge - yum which we barrowed round and using the fabulour bits of wood left by Pete created what Guy calls Doomster Hill which has been planted with veg and flowers and already starting to grow.  We put Ding on the hill Dang and Do dance with the willows - from which we hope to get a crop of useful material for weaving later in the year
  • We also got a rather sad pear tree some dying and dead jasmin, a clematis and some honeysuckle - and are wondering where to put it all
  • We planted up along the railings on Govan road and are hoping the parks will let the beans peas and sweet peas grow - it should look quite pre
  • Alison David and Scott planted out a tattie garden in the external garden along with sunflowers which are huge and about to flower - although it could do with - some tending right now - but we have been quite busy fighting weeds and growing seeds internally - sorry guys though will try to get to it asap
  • We have been adopted by Dobbies - a new garden center open in Braehead - who have kindly given us some plants and compost and tools - thanks folk
  • We approached a few local stores to support our tombola to raise some funds planned for the Green Zone Day on 13th August
  • We also have an event this Saturday down at the garden along with other groups in Govan should be fun - I believe we will be offering baked potatoes fresh from the garden so be there or be square :o

New Year 2013 - what has been going on

Well we worked hard last year digging in loads of manure and odd topsoil and then set our minds to completing the greenhouse so that by now all would be plain sailing growing seeds and turning soil and planting

Fat chance

We set up the greenhouse got it water proof and wind proof and added fancy doors and set up a workshop area where we hoped to be working with the young team

And then someone came along a burned it down

So it's start again time

What are the problems and what are the solutions

Well the biggest problem is the unstable nature of the Farm Building Roof which is an attraction to the young teams various sizes and skills

The roof is ready to collapse and so we have to keep the perimeter secured to try to prevent the wee varmints from hurting themselves

This has led to a war - the young team feel that we are dispalcing them from a site which has been theirs for years to sneak over the walls and have a can or just mess around

We dont want to stop them coming in but the building is dangerous and they wont keep away from it

and so the war is on - and the damage has been clear

We need to form a group to take on the restoration of the building and return it to what it was gifted to be in the first place, place of educational and recreational community use.  We are always talking about a Kitchen and Workshop area with Toilets and showers for park users especially the football teams

We have had loads of people coming in who want to help but we need to get a proper lease sorted out

Anyway this is all happening again again.. meanwhile the aim is to make the garden look as nice as we can to attract local interest

Previously the parts of the garden bordering the park have not been within our remit and so have been a bit of a wilderness- not a very good advert

It is not until you come in through the gates that you find our garden

And this I think has not helped us in our goal - getting the community to care about the place - as far as many people are concerned the site is too long derelict

So we have chosen to try to grow a wide selection of bee friendly nectar rich plants to look and smell nice and also provice food for bees and birds AnD draw folk in to have a closer look

We are a little short on workers - some have moved on to jobs, some have moved out of the area and some have passed on and some just cant make it for one reason or another - but as soon as one leaves another pops their head around the door and asks if we would like a hand so am very hopeful to have something nice to look at by May June

Anyway there are some photos of the greenhouse before and after etc in the gallery,  and we am going to put up new photos as we progress with our new beds etc - when we can remember to take a photo - really dealing with the clinker is pretty grimy and the last thing you want to do is use dirty hands to pull a camera out in case it gets damaged

Meanwhile we hope your year is heading in the right direction

December 2012

The Farm Building was damaged early 2012 by vandals who started a petrol fire after all the hard work volunteers put into the project with their own money and hard work to try to repair the roof


Fianlly the council insurers gave the go ahead for a temporary roof to protect the stone work


There are stones in the building which seem to come from earlier times perhaps a temple ?


Anyway a temporary roof on the west wing is in place and windows and access bricked up to stop varmints


Sadly no further news on protecting the rest of the building

Many community members look forward to shower room and toilets for the footballers in the park and a community kitchen in the West Wing using the central part for a community workshop area and a barn floor upstairs for recreational use - one day maybe Govan folk will be able to say they repaired that ancient building

September and August update 2012

Apologies for the silence but we really have been busy and not had much time for the pc let alone updating and editing images etc  When we remember we take a picture usually too late to get the real before and after effect - perhaps that is a good thing

So really this is just a brief note to work with the pictures in the gallery

OK so we have been working very hard this summer shifting tons of earth and manure and more earth and cleaned up and weeded in the rain well some sunny days too.  Tommy, Sean, Donna, Isaac, Rich and Alexi, Stewart, Stephen, Andrew, Sandra, Dylan, Gareth, Jaden, Lucy, Scott,
John, Edward, Joseph, Connor, and many others have done a hard days stint or few to get things done and Ida has been working her green fingers to the bone - yes that winter crop is growing bigger

Govan High came in and painted a wall with gorgeous vigour and colour,
and some of our members have been artistic in their own way, painting
slates and we have a couple of new mosaics and Carol made us some
gorgeous new flags which look great

Galgael came in early doors and fixed guttening to the roof of the
beautiful greenhouse and the shelter which was built using the perspex kindly recycled / donated by DeCaux for which we are extremely grateful - we have been inundated with offers to buy the stuff but honestly we have only started - the outer skin is there but we have plans for an inner skin and hopefully underfloor heating system using a compost tower - watch this space.  so now we have somewhere to sit in the rain, and work out of the rain and to entertain, and of course to grow our tomatoes and such and collect rainwater


Of course the wee varmints who scurry in and out of the gates and over the walls and fences think it is a howl to run off the water but we are hopefully resolving that - the trouble is that young people are attracted to the old building which is very dangerous with a whole floor ready to collapse, not to mention the burned roof - so until we get that fixed we are forced to try to keep young people from coming in when there are no members to keep an eye out - we have worked with community police on the question with some success - they have been brilliant in supporting out project and very very helpful and already some ideas are giving way to even better ones - again watch this space -


Meanwhile we have Gary  who is enthusiastic about almost everything - just the kind of fellow we need working here and so strong !!!  He is dying to get the wind turbine going, and we are wondering about making some more to make some security lighting or other - well actually the ideas are pouring in thick and fast - again watch this space.  Meanwhile Gary has already fixed two lawn mowers - he really knows his stuff - and is a veritable Godsend

The vandals have been quite destructive at times but we are keeping strong and think we are reaching the end of this tunnel - When the building is complete we look forward to security lights meanwhile neightbours have been our friend and hang cheerfully out of the windows and doorways to keep an eye on the place


The local community police have been hvery supportive, keeping in close
contact with us, logging reports and speaking with the young team on
our behalf - I believe they also look forward to the day the building is restored

With police support we have tried a few avenues of communication,
including a barbecue.  Gillian came in and saved the day cooking up a
storm and they whole event was brilliantly beneficial bringing with it
parents who are keen to help out - which lead to a meeging with a local
football team of skilled workers who are keen to restore the building by next srping - yaay

Meanwhile, we are using vandal grease kindly donated from Elderpark
Boat Club  - they are so good to us - and things are looking up
Gary and Stewart and Andrew have all worked really hard greasing the

Gary has fixed a pipe to the gutten which has begun to dry out the
building and We are currently negociating loan of skip and scaffolding
to safely bring down the rotten and burnt parts of the roof and inner
walls and flooring

The team plan to run a car wash to get donations for the materials
required for the building and it looks like Scottish Water are on board


Tne current plan is to keep things simple - toilets and showers in the
east wing - the roof timbers may be good enough to keep here - then a
simple workspace area where folk can hammer and saw and fiddle around
with engines and bikes for the  middle part with a good solid floor up top for any kickboxing, yoga dancing and of course the kitchen in the west wing with perhaps an enclosed cafe area under the porches - Sean is still building the outdoor kitchen - which has been torn down by vandals too often to hurt now

We planted a chamomile lawn which looks to have taken, it will be a while before the plants spread out but next summer it should be a nice place to relax - and Ian and Salim and Tommy worked hard on that !!

We have not had much food to offer the community sadly, but still have
managed to give some away to the community, and look forward to some
mpore crops this winter.  We hope next years crops will enjoy the lathering of manure from Pollock Park Byre.  Perhaps some members will take over a patch and keep it up but the general feeling in the garden is that we like working together generally - Jani has promised to care for the bees next year


The apple tres had quite a lot of fruit but a single apple remains and as for the rest there has been not much in the way of fruit  but we have taken cuttings and hope to do better next year


Meeting the community and getting to know the young people and the many people who have come in and given a hand has been the bountiful fruit we have been given this year as has been the wildlife.  We have had a couple of gold finches in the garden, plenty of seagulls, a couple of magpies, the wren has a family, as have the mice and the robin vanished for a while but seems to be back and has brought a wife with him

Ladybirds butterflies and bees have also been a source of joy for young and old, if the wasps perhaps did not bring so much joy I am still wondering if they are an enemy of slugs - there do not seem to be so many this year.  The bees have loved the lemon catnip by te container and we have loved watching them

And it has been a wonderful year for borage and nasturtiums which have
been appreeciated by many

To sum it up we have not had much to offer the community this year but
the community have been very giving to us for which we are extremely  thankful

So a big thank you to the community as we near harvest festival and may
your years be bountiful

Update  August 11

  • It has been a great year in general and we have accomplished quite a lot, especially making friends in the community.  Summer has been great fun, even if the corn hasn't grown very big... yet.  
  • The bees are enjoying the flowers as are we : sweetpeas, marigolds, and lobelia
  • The community is taking an interest in our work. 
  • Beds and planters are coming up all over
  • Dougi built an awesome fire pit, so now we can cook chappatis on a shovel and hot coals – the real McCoy. Chappatti, an lettuce wrap, ye canna wak it. ( Except for watching youngsters come into the garden hating beans or lettuce, taste our fresh veg and change their minds, joyfully carrying heavy pots of compost and seed home with them, to grow their own carrots, beetroot, beans, radish, tomatoes and sunflowers on the close balcony!! )

All in all, everything in the garden is Fan-Dabby-Dosy


New Members

A number of new members have joined us including Archie, Lyn, Stewart, Kevin, Kirsty, Michelle, and Miriam and we have enjoyed working with them

Helen Archie and Michelle bring sugar biscuits tea and donuts - we like them very very much !!! :)


Meeting the neighbours

  • We have all enjoyed being in the garden working and / or meeting our neighbours... the plants, the mice, the robins, wrens, magpies, foxes, bees, hoverflies, and other visiting friends- nice to be able to offer a cuppa.
  • A number of events and open days have brought new friends into the garden, many have expressed surprise and delight.  And why not? The garden really does look great.  The beans are fresh and sweet, the lettuce, cabbage, kale, delish, as have been the tatties, onions and peas.  We have been also trying out the nasturtium flowers and leaves, although not all visitors are convinced they are for eating!!



  • Scott and Alison have been consistently delivering healthy plants to grow on in the garden.  Ian, Carol and Moira have also provided seedlings and plants, and everyone has tried to grow seeds wherever we can. 
  • We are adding to our herb bank – all to teach us what Good King Henry looks like and to know the difference between Tansy and Ragwort!!
  • Many pots, seeds and plants have gone out into the community, and more and more beds keep appearing inside and outside the garden. 
  • Dougi planted a bunch of hanging baskets up on request from the community in return for donations, and they look fabulous.  Baskets and plants were donated by Ian, Dobby's Garden Center, and Davey from the Govan Boat Club
  • Moira created a few beds in the orchard alongside the Y-Wam, Billy and Sivan created a fine tyre boat, with broad bean and sweetcorn, planters and other crates have given us onions, lettuce, cabbage and garlic.  Billy's crate continues to flourish.
  • After the tatties were pulled, Carol and Ian added beans and harris fencing to the tattie bank and it looks so cute, especially with Carol's wee border.  She gets a double flower star for brilliantly finding another use for the rubbish we collect in the garden and surrounding area every week.  Wonder if a tin can border would look nice too?
  • Moira, Stewart and Guy have had various levels of success in planting out seedlings.  Most are fine but the leeks, calabrese and brocoli planted into the black planters vanish overnight.  It seems the birds are keen vegetarians, so Archie and Moira put in canes and covered with fencing and all looks to be well
  • Billy declared outright war on all slugs and snails, some viewers may like to look away!  Milk and beer traps appear to be surpassed by a simple beer can ( another great potential for recyclling waste ) but some are wondering if spreading old milk and soup on beds and sacrificing the odd plant for the sake of others hasn't been more effective.  Time will tell


The Gates

  • Miriam painted the front gates and planted out some pretty boxes
  • Stewart and Moira planted dying jasmine on the Govan Road railings - the plants are springing back to life.  They have also planted beans, marigolds, peas and sunflowers alongside Govan Road railings and  clematis on the farmhouse park rails



  • The apple trees Ding, Dang and Doo seem to be quite happy in the orchard.  The dying pear tree from Dobby's was planted into one of the giant tyres and is coming back to life.  There are a number of what we thought were Japanese Cherries in the garden, but it may be that these are actually real cherries needing some attention to bring them back to fruit.
  • Jasmine, honeysuckle and lovage have been planted alongside Guys fabulous Y-Wam, to attract pollinators. 


Companion Planting

  • The tomatoes in the greenhouses and beds are beginning to fruit but in comparison to last year, the sweet corn is still sweet and very small. But there are some cobs.  We are interested to see if a combination of plants as companions work - there does seem to be evidence that sweetcorn like pumpkins, not sure about beans yet, not enough combinations and possibly not enough manure in the ground. 
  • The beans in last year's tattie bank - Blue Lake and Scarlett Emperor have been a stunning feature for a while now and are producing very well.  They seem very happy with the nasturtium, leeks, tomatoes and sunflower companions and there is of course the odd potato too.  Will be interesting to see how the other companions work out cropwise, but the tomatoes here seem to be further on than the greenhouse ones.
  • Jerusalem Artichokes planted in last year's sweet corner are huge, as are the companion sunflowers, African marigolds and leeks
  • Moira planted fennel into a couple of crates of carrot and leeks way back in May. Billy planted a neighbouring crate of parsnips and carrots a few weeks later.  Billy's crate looks terrific, despite very controlled watering.  But the other two crates are very poor.
  • We took out the fennel and a week later, things are beginning to grow
  • We plan to plant the fennel on it's own into a very large tyre - we got a few from Quick Shift in Clydebrae St - they are enormous!



  • We lost our last polytunnel in May westerlies - the loosened skin whipped around wildly in the wind smashing the frame and the plants
  • Still not quite finished, the bottle greenhouse has still been useful after Ian used one of the polytunnel skins to cover it.  Billy built a door and the tomatoes and Gillian's chilly plant from last year seem to be doing well.  The rain - anyone noticed the rain??!! - collects in puddles on the roof and drips through small leaks in the skin to keep the floor wet which seems to help keep the plants moist. 
  • Archie and Moira recently planted up all the tomatoes into larger containers and we have tried cutting up small plastic bottles as funnels to take the water directly down to the root, which will allow visitors to give plants a drink in the middle of a hot day - there have been a few!! - without spoiling the leaves.
  • We finally had funds to buy more cane so may be able to complete the greenhouse soon.  Whether a second row of bottles will be needed to protect plants efficiently in winter is a consideration. 
  • Some visitors say too much water splits the fruit / delays fruiting – will we ever have enough sun to find out – forecasters offer hope of a traditional Scottish long Indian summer
  • Miriam and Moira used the second polytunnel skin over some harris fencing to create another greenhouse down by the copper beech, and we were able to finally move small vulnerable plants inside.  However there was too much shade, making little warmth for plants, and the seedlings all seemed to mysteriously vanish.  So team moved the new greenhouse up to the middle garden
  • Team are building a fabulous new greenhouse along the wall with strengthened roof in case someone climbs over and tries to stand on it!!  Billy and Mike sourced some great wood with Scot's and Richard's help, Mike John and the team have cleared away scree and roots digging through the concrete and tarmac with pick, axe, mattock, spade, and bags of determination.  They are now putting up the posts, digging post holes and concreting them in – and it is looking very good so far.
  • JCDecaux kindly donated a large amount of polycarbonate from old bus shelters, which will be perfect both for the greenhouse various other areas currently roofed with puddling dripping tarps - our visitors are very hardy thankfully and don't always leave in a downpour!! 



  • Oddly enough despite the rain water shortage has been a problem - we haven't got running water as yet.  Hopefully once the Fairfield Farm roof is finished we shall have running water, toilets, and also rooves to harvest rainwater.  The various greenhouse, lean to and kitchen dining areas will also provide rainwater when properly roofed. 
  • Meanwhile, thanks to Fiona and Dougie we now have some fine containers to hold clean water...  since when it has rained quite a bit. Of course it has!!



  • There has been a serious lack of quality compost, which has curtailed plans to plant up into larger pots at times. We have used our own compost for larger containers and tyres this year, and it is not bad if a little woody. Pete the tree surgeon delivers vast quantities of chipped bark and garden clippings from time to time and the occasional tip of clay masquarading as topsoil has been donated, which has been diligently mixed with manure from Pollock Park; a grand load of compost from Royston Fruit Market and dung from Dumbreck stables ( gratis James and the LHA van ); last years weeds, and some 90 odd barrows of duckpond muck. 
  • A recent infusion of a ton and half from Scottish Water has been a welcome boon, allowing us to finally pot up plants into larger containers, some of which are earmarked for a possible new project down at Govan Town Hall.  By the way for anyone out there. Scottish Water will deliver loads of 20 tonnes plus, so gardens or allotments could team together and ask for a delivery to be shared out.
  • We have looked at Woodlands odd £2,500 composter - looks like a tent bag with wheels at either end but the compost looks fantastic - and apparently the thing works very fast turning compost into quality soil in about 6 weeks or less - expensive though!!

Update June 11

  • Another great Legup website (gratis hogbean) can be found at city strolls website gratis hogbean :     including some great garden videos featuring many gardens including Legup thanks to Glasgow Detroit Films
  • We have been pretty busy this year trying to improve the small piece of real ground that we have devoid of tree roots and or tar and or concrete
  • Still without running water or toilets the guys at the Fairfield Trust have been busy working with Scottish Heritage to get a roof on the building spending their own money - Marc and Scott have been especially generous in providing materials - they found the original toilet to be in quite good working order - it would be so great to have running water - and we hope to get plenty of rain water from the various roofs around - Dougi has some ingenious ideas

Polytunnels & Greenhouse

  • Our polytunnels finally gave out to the May winds spoiling a few plants in the process - domage to the damage - but we have been using the tyres and sleepers to protect new plants from the winds and get some heat
  • There is a plan underfoot to build a huge greenhouse along the back wall as soon as we can afford to buy 45 8' 4"x4" posts plus a load of perspex which is a bit beyond our budget at £10 per sheet for the recycled stuff
  • We hope to resource some timber from a variety of sources but are consistently confounded by lack of transport.  Suffice to say Scott, Richard, Ian, John, Mike and Dougi are on it
  • The pallet greenhouse stands like a rock - Ian has put some beds in and guy provided a hinge for the gate entr. Big Mike has been watering all the plants including this, which considering the size of it and the size of him is no mean feat
  • The school came in to finish the bottle greenhouse that Keith Scott and Richard built, but we seem to have run out of bottle and canes to fill the final wall .  Gillian has some 8' cane growing in her garden which might do the trick and we hope the generous ladies at LHA will be able to find us some more bottles to finish up - they have already donated bags and bags plus usefull cardboard from the inside of the toilet rolls to plant bean and corn seeds etc - thank ladies


  • We have been lucky to get some funding from the Carbon Fottprint people but this still has not come through and won't last very long once bills are paid but hopefully will at least get the lean too built - meanwhile Fiona has been quietly been driven demented by all the paperwork and hoops but hopefully it will be worth it and Helen from Galgael quietly will lead this ship to port safe and sound


  • So far no funding for transport, but we are looking at it
  • We find ourselves hampered now and then from the lack - in fact we have lost out several times through not having a truck to bring home free compost and building materials when offered
  • We have a dream of a vehicle capable of bringing back pallets, wood, compost etc that runs on chip oil - there is an underground tank which could be used to store the oil


  • Sadly we lost Keith - a long term member of the group and this has come as a blow to several members - we hope to hold a small celebration with his family and friends in the garden on Sunday 17th July 11 in celebration of his existance - many of us miss him deeply

Keeping out of the Rain

  • Well it has rained and rained and we have tried various means to keep ourselves dry during the workbreaks - we had a tarp over the kitchen roof last winter but we think someone tried to walk on it and it broke.  Dougie and Moira threw up another roof and tarp - OK Moira tried to help and watched in amazement as Dougie threw up some tin sheets and hurdles to build the roof - seriously folk that guy is very strong.  But there were puddles and eventually all got pulled down.  So team built a great lean to against the container wall and Dougie jumped up and covered it with a tarp - pretty neat.  Trouble is the tarp is a little ripped so the rain is still getting in - but Dougie to the rescue again will be putting a proper tarp on soon
  • Meanwhile we dream of affording enough perspex to create a sunroof with guttering to collect all that rainwater

The Kitchen

  • The kitchen was under the tree at the far end of the garden but we had a serious problem with squirrels attacking the containers of sugar biscuits etc, but mischance became our good fortune.
  • We found we could not get into the strong box  / dumpster which BAE had donated, so we asked for help and the BAE team frixed it right up and also the KnakBar which locks all up away from local wild life
  • Scott and Alison's leant us a gas stove and Pete brought in a large gas bottle.
  • We fill water bottles and keep them in the knakbar.  As long as someone remembers to keep the water bottles filled, we are finally able to stop for a quick cuppa and even provide tea and toast to our guests - so far, the squirrels haven't found a way in:) 

Beds and Garden Space

  • We have tried to expand the growing space
  • Our intrepid leader Ian has built several new beds including the wonderous tattie bed which with sheer determination and more of that the guys dug their way almost through to AUZ and the rest of us barrowed earth rubble and compost around

Compost and Topsoil

  • The local building site kindly gave us a load of topsoil which turned out to be quite heavy - so we asked around and finally was given some great stuff from the Fruit Market - thanks to Jim Cunningham - gratis the back of the LHA truck - thanks to LHA and their Jim and also to the Dumbreck Riding School for their horse manure which Keith Scott Ian and Moira cheerfully loaded into the back of LHA Jim's truck
  • We met Evergreen Pete and partner Lyn with a truck full of wood chip so we had to invite him to come and join us - and what a boon he has been.  Pete formerly worked in Elderpark and is now a tree surgeon.  He has contributed to the group in a big way donating large piles to wood chip and logs in all shapes and sizes to the garden and don't forget the tools - thanks Pete
  • We got a lovely load of horse manure gratis Pollock Park and we have had a lovely time mixing it all together to make not bad compost
  • We hope to get a lovely load of quality compost from ScottishWater soon with the help of The Reclaimer or Tam at Galgael who has a lovely truck

Billy and Savana

  • Billy and Savana our newest members have been very busy making compost and building a new bed of tyres.


  • Guy tried several prototypes before building a Y-Wam in what is hopefully going to be an orchard - hope the kids enjoy it 



Finally what it is all about - the crops. 

  • We already have some peas in the childrens corner and the lettuce is coming up nicely
  • The beans are finally gettin the message - that the fence and the frameworks are support for growing on - some faster than others
  • Pete brought in a few azaleas which have gone into bins and have provided us with some cheer in the spring
  • Tatties were planted and are coming up rosy
  • Some concerns that the sweetcorn planted in the space close to the trees are not doing so well but hopefully after all that rain the sun will be with us a while yet - things are looking up.  Beans are in alongside as are pumpkins which look great apparently they are all companion plants - lets hope we get as good a crop as last year if not better
  • The tomatoes are growing in the pallet greenhouse and bottle greenhouse presently covered with the polytunnel skin until we finish the last wall and get the roof on
  • The broad beans look as if they are doing well, as are the onions and garlic, we have loads of kale, some cabbage and
  • Carol brought in a fine courgette plant which is doing great with four small courgettes - sweet!!


Notice Nov 10

Meeting of group on Thursday 2 Dec at the Pierce Institute 6:30 pm

Hopefully all members will come along and we can catch up on what is going on


Update October 2010


New Website  

  • We may have access to a great site with great photos by fabulous artist, Marcus
  • We are trying to get LEGUP posted on Google map.  Oddly enough Google Maps do not seem to accept a google website - how strange is that!!  So here we are with yet another website - this one has a simpler address and seems to have had us immediately added to google maps - hooray.  We should be able to phase out the old site soon
  • If members would like to add the address to their email signatures to publish the site that would be a great help
  • We hope members will use this to discuss and catch up on stuff
  • We also have a Facebook account and groupsite now as do our sister team Fairfield Farm Community Trust
  • All comments welcome
  • Hope you like the new site 
Hallo e'en Party
  • We are having a Hallowe'en event in the Park and of course everyone is invited
  • Cats and Dogs are welcome to come along too
  • Fiona is offering a lantern workshop and we hope to build a couple of scarecrows and invite storytellers to do their thing by firelight
  • Scott Raymond Alison MB and Gillian were among members working with Scotland in the Community on launch day 
  • We salute HMS Tattiebank and all who sailed her

Fairfield Farmhouse

  • The result of the meeting which Fiona called has collated some useful information and collected some great ideas
  • You can find the document in the LEGUP folder which should be in the container
  • As usual comments welcome 
Autumn Harvest
  • The garden has provided us with so much veg this year we are hoping to plant new for the winter season


Elderfarm Govan Information and Documentation is available on



The Elderfarm group currently does not have a constituted committee and therefore unable to apply for funds etc

There fore with no funds to pay for a website we are very glad to take advantage of the free site available from jimdo which is pretty good stuff

HOWEVER in the attempt to put all information up on site for the benefit of the public, we have not enough room so have had to divide the material up into different sites legup, elderfarm and elderfarm2

This is an experiment and hopefully will work

Meanwhile all information and discussion also available on Facebook Elderfarm Community Trust Group site and Elderfarm Community Garden Group site both of which are open to the public

minutes, photos and other documents can be found at these sites